Monday, July 27, 2009

FACE SHOT! jerz edition...

So were chillin in the Jerz pretty hard for a while. We figured we would hook it up with a face shot, this ones comin in hot from the flip cup MVP... KENNEDY! more posts are comin in real hot so check back soon! peace from the east!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bout to get DIRTY!

So as some of you may know me mikey and corbin are goin on a little east coast adventure. We will keep everyone updated with our progress but for now heres a little preview video .......

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


If you like ridiculous pictures, then this is the posts for ya. checkerrr~!!!!!!!!
This is RICO ANTHO, he'll rub your back if you rub his ; )
This is Josh at his best. This is what happens when your a pussy and you drink 3 shots ....... hahahahahahahaha!!! btw... corbin wants some
Trav during his infamous beard-off against Brani and Chobes Gaysler~ Pretty sure Trav won, he actually gave free mustache rides during the contest~! ;)
This was Clowtz during his Glam days. Here he sports the "Mugwa." Classic style and looking FRESH~!!!!

This is a duo-pic. Our friends KiKi aka stanks, baby kanks, kinks, stinks, stinky, n etc and our other friend connor aka connie, conwell, condams, broken condams, skindams, etc. Here they show us they love being bottomless while being drunk together. One thing led to another and I'm not even going to get into it, let your imagination take you there.

Well, thats all the time I have now, I hope all of you have enjoyed this quick post, and there will be plenty of more "Ridix" coming your way my fellow friends~! oh yea, tomorrow is the Twilight concert and make sure to get there early and drink yo cerveza before you get to the show! Beer costs around 5 dollars which is totally Nazi status, so grab a fifth or a handle and sneak in a flask! should be a great concert. This is Mikey signing off, peceee~!!!!!!

Mikey and the Yeti.......

So me and mikey heard a rumor that there has been a yeti (or abominal snowman if you may) spotted in the Uinta mountains...... So we decided to go look for that bitch. We had been hiking for about two hours until mikey thought it would be a good idea to split up to cover more ground. I didnt think anything of it so i thought sure why not. Not too long after we split up I began to hear loud groaning almost orgasmic sounds coming from the distance. I decided to go check it out and as soon as I swooped around the corner I saw a nicely maintained wood cabin with very large doors. After entering the house I saw that mikey had already found the Yeti and was already pretty friendly with the big guy. I managed to snap a few picks before the Big Fella ran into the woods never to be seen again. well at least until someone comes back around to finish him off........

Yea, he was kinda enjoying it......

I guess he likes biting, who knew?

Gettin tired but he can work through it! shit hes Mizel!!!!

Yea it was a tough hairy road but he did his job like a champ, although he may have coughed up a few hairballs the next day..

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday's Mind with Mizel.

Hey you, yes you! So were watching watchmen, and im wishing i would've watched the whole thing straight without gapping a whole 30 minutes. Weekend went by way too fast, now the weeks going to go by so slow. It's always one or the other. I Still have a broken computer, and its been 4 weeks now. Today we went cliff jumping at Echo and I'm sure ....... whoaaaa ..... woaaaa...... somethin happened to my head just meow~ hah .. anyways im going to leave you at that and the next post will be updated soon. peace>

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sombrero Saturdays

MMEEEOOOWWW!!! Hey everybody out there its me Lucy (El Gato Con Sombrero) and I snuck into mikeys room and he left this thing up so I wanted to say MEOW! Oh and check this vid out, i made it the other day with my bitches, Right now mikey is doing some weird things right now, i cant really tell what but hes naked standing on his bed jumping and hitting his head on the ceiling over and over and over and oh wow...... hes ew............. oh he saw me bye ttyl MMMMMMEEEEEEOOOOOWWWWW...........

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Travs bus ride buddy...

Heres on more for ya! Trav and his dancer...... that is alll

Bendover with Travis......OH YES!!

Hey so check this, Josh and mikey here chillin on the couch watchin some star trek, yea the new shit. So we had quite a night lasnt night filled with roulette, blackjack, wins, losses, shots, beers, and a near forty year old wendover lesbian mommy stripper…. Ye awe will get back to that in a hot second….. so mikey here, so josh is leaking again from his head, dripping blood that is…… that’s not the only place he bleeds ….. hehehehehehehehehehe……

Our friend Trav surprisingly overdid himself by taking around 26 shots, which is five over his originally set goal, furthermore, Josh overdid himself and went over the edge by taking 30!,,, in YO MUTHA FUCKIN FACE!!!!!. anyway, here are some of the documented pictorials of our event from last night, ENJOY!!!
One down the hatch!
Mark nemero uno!
Yea dont know how I got that one, Came out o the bathroom and ma hand was bleedin!

Da clan marchin into the casino to begin the adventure.

Trav swigging out of his flask...... Aww he loves his friends ♥

Psh.... these guys

Yea, they wear there sunglasses at night! SO WHAT!

Antho went into the bathroom and came out with his pants unbuttoned and 31 dollars in chips in his hand.........

Yea thats the sauna they called the bathroom on the busride home.......

Sliz was not happy when he was rudely awakened by the sound of Antho ank Ryan on the love sac

Antho-"come sleep in my bed"
Kirk-"only if you let me choke you"
Antho-"your sleepin on the sac!"
No matter how drunk he is kirkadick is always prepared for the papparazzi.....
Good work Trav! should have stopped talking to dat stripper on the bus ride back and maybe victory would have been yours!
The birthday boy filling his late night drunchies need!
Oh no! bahahaha Happy Birthday Trav!

Worst week eva part deux.........nalgenes!!!!

Yo josh here, so I and the dudes went Frisbee golfin today and on the very first hole I got my disk stuck in a tree, ok no biggie. So I tell Antho "yo lemme get that nalgene so I can chuck it up in dat tree and get that disk back on my level" so Antho then magnificently lobs the nalgene in the general direction of my forehead...... I one hundred percent underestimate the weight of the nalgene and end up with this bad boy.......

After bending over to pick up my sunglasses that had fallen off my forehead I realized there was blood pretty heavily flowing out of my forehead. It was all good though, we just simply postponed the game until my head stopped flowing like the red sea. Play continued and in the end I mikey and Matty G. came out on top....
Yea nalgenes not only cause cancer they also cause fat ass gashes in your forehead if you can’t catch too good... FML...

Worst Week Evuh~~??~~???!!!!

Micest one here .......... five minutes ago i got shit on by a bird outside, i was playing my guitar with trav till a wet substance slapped me on my back, to my surprise it was a wet purply dark really slippery in texture, ........ bird shit. 10 hours ago i lost 50 dollaz in wendover and 24 hours before that i got 11 stitches...... with all that in mind, could this week get any worse???

Anyway, im pretty psyched all these have happened in the past three days, I've come to realize how much of a blessing my everyday life is, ,,,,,,, im just saying .. shits happening in my life !!! this is great newsss!!!! even if it is me getting a gnarly gash on my legs or getting pooped on by a bird!!!

Well for those of you who were expecting pictures.... i promise you they will be posted in the next few hours.... hopefully .... make sure to go to the Gallivan tonight and check out the free concert. It should be a good one! See you all there !!!!!~~~

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Travs Big Day!!!!!

So today is travs big 21! Hes finally a big boy now and for his birthday bash he decided he wants to take the fun bus to wendover............ we will see how that goes but until then we leave you trav's debut FACE SHOT!


Meet Mizel!

So everyone who knows mikey knows that he has an alter ego that comes out after he has inhaled enough alcoholic beverages to make him look like a newborn baby panda. Mizel is his name and keeping everyone entertained is his game. Keeping this in mind i have a story to tell you which occured in park city at our good friend poppins (A.K.A. chris, clowtz, clitz, slitz) 21st birthday party. It all began when mizel began playing some beer pong and needed some to refil his pitcher for the next game. He went outside onto the upstairs back porch where the first keg had just recently been killed. The second keg was located on the botton deck about fifteen feet below the upper deck where mizel was located. After hearing the bad news Mizel was faced with a tough decision. he thought......"hmmm do i want to walk all the way downstairs through the crowded kitchen down the stairs past the couch out the door to wait in line to get to the keg, or do i want to hop this railing straight down to the lawn right onto the second keg.......... oh hoppin this shit fo sho!" so he did just that, he hopped right over the railing onto the hard ground fifteen feet below. He hopped up and was graciously allowed to fill his pitcher first. Mission completed!.....NOT! when mikey woke up the next morning he was greeted with bloody pants and sheets. After finding the semi large hole in his leg he decided to go to the hospital and get checked out. After returning to us later in the day he greated us with eleven brand new stitches on his left thigh............
More Mizel to come...........

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Were starting a new update consisting of our friends at their climactic drunken moments. Here's a few to start off our very first posts of "FACE SHOTS!!!!!" watch for weekly postings of "FACE SHOTS!!!!!!" keep you posted......
This is our good friend Zak, probably after he scored the tre bomb~!!! atta boy!!!
Dis is KIKI, this is what happens to you when you drink underage.......
Phil is super-excited, he's drinking keg beer~!!!!! and he might've shit himself.
Here's birthday boy clitzicles. He even grilled up two whole chicken along with some shrimp on the barrrrbbbbie!!!!
Birfday boy #2, Shayne, here he is ready to ........swallow the whole thing!
Oh what up Kirk! He was ready for his close up all night!!!!!

The infamous Mizel A.K.A. Mikey P. really regretting jumping off the porch to get to the keg quicker but not yet realizing he has a fat ass gash in his leg needing eleven stitches! more to come......

Monday, July 6, 2009

Shit show.

So the weekend went well, filled with drunk friends, bottle rockets, and good laughs. Not all of us got pussy, but for the very few who did, congrats! Were off to start another day and celebrate the birth of our friend Chris (Clowtz, clits, slits, down turkey, and many more). He's 21!!! So if any of you see him around wish him a "happy birthday" and swing some uppercuts or throw in a falcon jab to wish him the best.

Videos haven't been posted yet, due to the lack of final cut and adobe premier. What good is a vid without a legit edit? They should be coming your way soon.

ANyways, here's a little something for you to keep you entertained for the time being. Enjoy, its actually a picture of my roommate Anthony's girlfriend. Till next time~~!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

our very first blog.

Mikey here, so Josh and I decided we'd start a blog about the life of the sunnyside house. Call it cliche if you must, but how else would we document our daily lives, of this house that is. With that said, I'm sure many more interesting posts are coming your way. Be sure to be posted on our blog and the many exciting videos, pictures, and i guess thats it. As of now my furry roommate (not Lucy), but Trav and I shall make a quest to the local home depot and pick up some gardening accesories. Stay tuned bitches........~~~~!!!!!!!!
~ I shall leave you with this picture and something to think about.......