Monday, October 5, 2009

Dat White Stuff.....

On September 30th, 2009 mother nature blessed the Wasatch mountains with its first few inches of snow. As soon as the day kicked in, our good friends Mr. Deh (Dave), Dizz (Jordon), and Wranks (kIkI) headed up to good ol'e snake creek to start the 2009 season right. Here are just a few of the pictures of what the day had in store for these lucky bastuhhdss~!
Bright and early, behind Sunnyside you could see the Foothills dusted with some o' dat goojy stuff~!Upon entering Little Cottonwood! Dave got this shot of the Fall unexpectingly getting shat upon few inches. Dizzwell, what looks to be a pole jame to back 1 revert, putting kids to shame is his job~! gettit right.Ben , back one swith nose~??? caynt tell but keep your eyes peeld. mooves like dis errebody be pikin up these days, get on yo switch game quick!WRANK KANKS~, cant ferget spicin that trik before ya drill tha bitch. kiks lookin fresh to depth, mid switch lipslide to ......... hmm let your imagination drift.....that press makes my neck hurt! see how high he be stressin the shit outt o' dat? Dizz doing what he does best , frontside 5-ohhhhhh!!!!!!Tell me that aint fuckin greasy~!!!! excuse my language but if you kids wanna know about proper ass backtails, ask the boss, Jor-dizzwell Emerson. And what a day it was. Not all of us were able to join b/c many of us had bullshit to take care of and study for exams that we knew we were bound to fail. Anywho, a lifestyle shot of three really great friends and riders kickin it mid-sesh. Hopefully we'll be taking out the camcorder and getting some of these noxious-do-goods in motion. Stay tuned~!

Special Thanks goes out to Dave for taking his time to snap these. He'll be around this year snapping some hot photos for the blog and I'm sure other things as well. So keep your eye's peeld~!!