Thursday, September 24, 2009

1620 say what?

Yea go ahead and check this shit out. Muggle says hes gunna have this one on lock by the end of this season......

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sloppy Sundays

What up to all those reading, Josh here. So I was just hangin out this weekend gettin sloppy with the roomies, snappin some pics on ma phone and I came up with a brilliant idea.... Sloppy Sundays! So here she is Sloppy Sunday numero uno. This ones comin in hot from yours and my favorite little guy Muggle (aka mikey). So heres the background story..... Im hangin out at home after leaving a party when i realize have been hangin out alone for quite a bit now. So i decide to give mikey a ring and see where hes at, so I do just that and he picks up in his high pitched very intoxicated voice we all hear on a weekly basis. All seems well until I ask him where he is and he immediately starts crying and says "Oh my god josh i have no idea where i am please help me!" i did not get too worried seeing as I heard our newest sunnyside resident Daves voice in the background so I new he was in ok hands. I hang up the phone and not five minutes later the mice one himself comes stumbling into the basement, Sloppy as usual. This photo is what followed...........

Monday, September 14, 2009


yo CHECKER!!!! its da mizel, micehole, micey, mice guy, McMizel, mingle, mijnol, munjul, MUGGLE. It's been a while since I've posted pictures so I thought for this post I would keep it short and put up some timeless photos that'll getcha goin~! More to come, hope everyone has a great week~! .....oooo if your near the Salt Lake Area check out the DEW TOUR this weekend from Thurs - Sun. Should be good times~! ...Shaun White & Ryan Sheckler will be there!! ;)

The story behind this......I'm with Josh and were munchin on our Hot Dogs on A stick or orange julius, when this dum-ass-daddys-girl rolls up in her boxster and parks like she owns the place. Turns out her tool abercrombie model boyfriend couldn't help much... cause the park job still looks like shit~!

......Contradictory? thats my friend kirk. hes not really a nazi, but thats what happens when you think your the shit all the time and pass out.

.....This guy...where do I even begin. i guess halloween came early and I thought I'd contribute with an art piece on a his face. If you guys need anybody to draw some epic whiskers, mustaches , and other designs, just let me know, i'll happily do it for free :)

So, I guess threes good for now. I hope you all enjoyed my amateur photography and courtesy of my camera phone. I wish I could post more pictures but I guess I'm not cause i don't really feel like it. but hey look on the bright side, there are plenty more pictures coming your way. aiite take care and see you all soon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Greetings my friends, tis is MUGGLE! Mikey, or whichever 20 other nicknames you'd like to call me by, i dont give a fuck. Anyway, I'd like to start off by telling you all that my Spanish has been improving and I have been practicing daily, only for the sole reason that when I go study abroad next year in the beautiful land of Spain, or ESPANA, as we spanish people call it, I'm going to venture into a place where language barrier may be a problem, but then again I'll be asking all the beautiful ladies to guide me through my confusion, with that in mind, they will easily be tempted to help me in any circumstance.

So where am I going with that story, nowhere, excuse me i shall finish editing after a quick J on the roof, brb :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Da Jordy Showwww

chya, sbeen a while. I got caught up on dis bang ass drug bust bullshizzz i got caught up in. ISh WAS WIT da cartels down souf, sum mutha fuka named Pablo Escobar...... NOT!!!! HEHEHEHE

Hola, como estas mi amigos??!?!?!!! Me llamo Mikey, quiero presentarte a Jordon Emerson, a great friend whos been on this snow circuit in the valley of the Great Salt Lake~! He's a second year veteran on the up and coming scene of the 801 area. He's probably one the most modest kids I know and a bro fasho. He doesn't get tangled up in the snow-bro scene and although it may be cliche to say, he most definitely let's his riding do the talking. Unlike most riders, he's got this unqiueness (shit is dat even a wurdd ???!!) that shines right thur your lens, which is almost a blinding experience. He ain't got nothing to prove, he's just putting the roots of snowboarding back to where it began, the pure essense of fun and ....fukin killin it of course~! He's always on the hunt for new do gooders, meaning tricks. And best of all, ya'll can claim new tricks throughout your riding season, but keep in mind, Jordy's already done it !!!!! I'm going to leave you nice folks with this little promo he got together from this past season. Hope y'all enjoy, oh yea sorry about the lack of posting. Were all getting used to this school thing, so bear with us for the time-being. Enjoy!~~~!!!


happenin from Jordon Emerson on Vimeo.