Wednesday, December 9, 2009

La Semana De Examenes de Finales

Hey there, or if there is anyone there who actually reads this blog. It's Mikey, I apologize for not really being up to date on the blog, I've been slacking hard. I'm sure your wondering what's new since the last post?.... well all the resorts have opened up, and we've all been getting our share of slashes here among the various resorts, Park City, The Canyons, as well as Brighton. As of late the majority of us have been neck deep with finals so its been a pretty rough week none the less. I've got three more exams to go till I'm relieved of this bondage we call school and I'll be right back on my board. I'm excited to go back home soon where I'll be seeing some old friends and the family. I've also finished up my internship at Celtek not too long ago so if anybody wants to employ me I'm game. I'm broke as joke but I've been saving up coins and I'm racked up at $12.57. So I'll be able to get by for my weekend beer supply along with the value menu. Welps I guess I'll post up a few pictures to make up for what I've missed.

This is my roommate Ahnuhl (previously known as Antho, but given, he deserves his new name). He's a great guy, except one thing, everything this kid owns from his car to whatever you find in his room is probably a picture perfect reflection of his personality. For those of you that do know him you'll understand what I mean....
.......and this is only one example of what I'm talking about, and mind you this is probably a single square feet of picture taken. He's a damm mess, just be on the lookout, there will be more of Ahnuls mess job in the coming weeks.
So this year for Thanksgiving a handful of us decided to stay here and spend the holiday over at the Terrels's cabin up in Park City. We topped our 16lb turkey with canadian bacon and sauced that bitch with maple syrup....god, talking about this just makes my stomach squirm, it pleads to go back in time and repeat that day of overindulgment (might I add, a word which I completely made-up).

.....and the finished product. well let your imagination follow the rest,....and yes it was like biting back into your most innocent-happiest child-hood memory, you can't beat that :)
..and of course, the ham topped with pineapples, mangoes, maple sugar, and again saucin tha bitch with maple syrup.... mid cook. another bangarang job by the team.
... so the day after we were fortunate enough to have the canyons open for the season, ahnuhl, ash, ali, josh, Mr. Da, Trav, Ben, and I trekked out and took some laps. Nothing but smiles~!
Hah, McLovin was in one of my classes. Didn't know he was taking Sports Econ up at the U. Smart fellah.
So....I guess I got this cover shot on the Salt Lake tribune not too long ago for Brighton opening day. I made it guys, finally got my first cover shot....thanks again SLC tribune.
Bills been on a binge. His drink of choice, not surprisingly is PBR along with the rest of the people in Salt Lake. He's not quite 21 yet but he does the whole underage drinking thing. Look, he even made his own pbr hat~!!!

And when your Bill and you've had one too many to drink, you pass out mid fist pump! but for cereal, he really did pass out like this.

Well, I'll try to be a bit more disciplined with updating this bustuh. Hopefully I can get a video up here sometime soon, if anyone wants to buy me a camera I'm more than willing to video blog so you all don't have to see snap shots of what's going on around sunnyside. Till then~toodles***

ps. special thanks to Drew Pappa T and Ben Chen for being the hostest with the mostest, always good times with them.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Dat White Stuff.....

On September 30th, 2009 mother nature blessed the Wasatch mountains with its first few inches of snow. As soon as the day kicked in, our good friends Mr. Deh (Dave), Dizz (Jordon), and Wranks (kIkI) headed up to good ol'e snake creek to start the 2009 season right. Here are just a few of the pictures of what the day had in store for these lucky bastuhhdss~!
Bright and early, behind Sunnyside you could see the Foothills dusted with some o' dat goojy stuff~!Upon entering Little Cottonwood! Dave got this shot of the Fall unexpectingly getting shat upon few inches. Dizzwell, what looks to be a pole jame to back 1 revert, putting kids to shame is his job~! gettit right.Ben , back one swith nose~??? caynt tell but keep your eyes peeld. mooves like dis errebody be pikin up these days, get on yo switch game quick!WRANK KANKS~, cant ferget spicin that trik before ya drill tha bitch. kiks lookin fresh to depth, mid switch lipslide to ......... hmm let your imagination drift.....that press makes my neck hurt! see how high he be stressin the shit outt o' dat? Dizz doing what he does best , frontside 5-ohhhhhh!!!!!!Tell me that aint fuckin greasy~!!!! excuse my language but if you kids wanna know about proper ass backtails, ask the boss, Jor-dizzwell Emerson. And what a day it was. Not all of us were able to join b/c many of us had bullshit to take care of and study for exams that we knew we were bound to fail. Anywho, a lifestyle shot of three really great friends and riders kickin it mid-sesh. Hopefully we'll be taking out the camcorder and getting some of these noxious-do-goods in motion. Stay tuned~!

Special Thanks goes out to Dave for taking his time to snap these. He'll be around this year snapping some hot photos for the blog and I'm sure other things as well. So keep your eye's peeld~!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

1620 say what?

Yea go ahead and check this shit out. Muggle says hes gunna have this one on lock by the end of this season......

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sloppy Sundays

What up to all those reading, Josh here. So I was just hangin out this weekend gettin sloppy with the roomies, snappin some pics on ma phone and I came up with a brilliant idea.... Sloppy Sundays! So here she is Sloppy Sunday numero uno. This ones comin in hot from yours and my favorite little guy Muggle (aka mikey). So heres the background story..... Im hangin out at home after leaving a party when i realize have been hangin out alone for quite a bit now. So i decide to give mikey a ring and see where hes at, so I do just that and he picks up in his high pitched very intoxicated voice we all hear on a weekly basis. All seems well until I ask him where he is and he immediately starts crying and says "Oh my god josh i have no idea where i am please help me!" i did not get too worried seeing as I heard our newest sunnyside resident Daves voice in the background so I new he was in ok hands. I hang up the phone and not five minutes later the mice one himself comes stumbling into the basement, Sloppy as usual. This photo is what followed...........

Monday, September 14, 2009


yo CHECKER!!!! its da mizel, micehole, micey, mice guy, McMizel, mingle, mijnol, munjul, MUGGLE. It's been a while since I've posted pictures so I thought for this post I would keep it short and put up some timeless photos that'll getcha goin~! More to come, hope everyone has a great week~! .....oooo if your near the Salt Lake Area check out the DEW TOUR this weekend from Thurs - Sun. Should be good times~! ...Shaun White & Ryan Sheckler will be there!! ;)

The story behind this......I'm with Josh and were munchin on our Hot Dogs on A stick or orange julius, when this dum-ass-daddys-girl rolls up in her boxster and parks like she owns the place. Turns out her tool abercrombie model boyfriend couldn't help much... cause the park job still looks like shit~!

......Contradictory? thats my friend kirk. hes not really a nazi, but thats what happens when you think your the shit all the time and pass out.

.....This guy...where do I even begin. i guess halloween came early and I thought I'd contribute with an art piece on a his face. If you guys need anybody to draw some epic whiskers, mustaches , and other designs, just let me know, i'll happily do it for free :)

So, I guess threes good for now. I hope you all enjoyed my amateur photography and courtesy of my camera phone. I wish I could post more pictures but I guess I'm not cause i don't really feel like it. but hey look on the bright side, there are plenty more pictures coming your way. aiite take care and see you all soon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Greetings my friends, tis is MUGGLE! Mikey, or whichever 20 other nicknames you'd like to call me by, i dont give a fuck. Anyway, I'd like to start off by telling you all that my Spanish has been improving and I have been practicing daily, only for the sole reason that when I go study abroad next year in the beautiful land of Spain, or ESPANA, as we spanish people call it, I'm going to venture into a place where language barrier may be a problem, but then again I'll be asking all the beautiful ladies to guide me through my confusion, with that in mind, they will easily be tempted to help me in any circumstance.

So where am I going with that story, nowhere, excuse me i shall finish editing after a quick J on the roof, brb :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Da Jordy Showwww

chya, sbeen a while. I got caught up on dis bang ass drug bust bullshizzz i got caught up in. ISh WAS WIT da cartels down souf, sum mutha fuka named Pablo Escobar...... NOT!!!! HEHEHEHE

Hola, como estas mi amigos??!?!?!!! Me llamo Mikey, quiero presentarte a Jordon Emerson, a great friend whos been on this snow circuit in the valley of the Great Salt Lake~! He's a second year veteran on the up and coming scene of the 801 area. He's probably one the most modest kids I know and a bro fasho. He doesn't get tangled up in the snow-bro scene and although it may be cliche to say, he most definitely let's his riding do the talking. Unlike most riders, he's got this unqiueness (shit is dat even a wurdd ???!!) that shines right thur your lens, which is almost a blinding experience. He ain't got nothing to prove, he's just putting the roots of snowboarding back to where it began, the pure essense of fun and ....fukin killin it of course~! He's always on the hunt for new do gooders, meaning tricks. And best of all, ya'll can claim new tricks throughout your riding season, but keep in mind, Jordy's already done it !!!!! I'm going to leave you nice folks with this little promo he got together from this past season. Hope y'all enjoy, oh yea sorry about the lack of posting. Were all getting used to this school thing, so bear with us for the time-being. Enjoy!~~~!!!


happenin from Jordon Emerson on Vimeo.

Monday, July 27, 2009

FACE SHOT! jerz edition...

So were chillin in the Jerz pretty hard for a while. We figured we would hook it up with a face shot, this ones comin in hot from the flip cup MVP... KENNEDY! more posts are comin in real hot so check back soon! peace from the east!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bout to get DIRTY!

So as some of you may know me mikey and corbin are goin on a little east coast adventure. We will keep everyone updated with our progress but for now heres a little preview video .......

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


If you like ridiculous pictures, then this is the posts for ya. checkerrr~!!!!!!!!
This is RICO ANTHO, he'll rub your back if you rub his ; )
This is Josh at his best. This is what happens when your a pussy and you drink 3 shots ....... hahahahahahahaha!!! btw... corbin wants some
Trav during his infamous beard-off against Brani and Chobes Gaysler~ Pretty sure Trav won, he actually gave free mustache rides during the contest~! ;)
This was Clowtz during his Glam days. Here he sports the "Mugwa." Classic style and looking FRESH~!!!!

This is a duo-pic. Our friends KiKi aka stanks, baby kanks, kinks, stinks, stinky, n etc and our other friend connor aka connie, conwell, condams, broken condams, skindams, etc. Here they show us they love being bottomless while being drunk together. One thing led to another and I'm not even going to get into it, let your imagination take you there.

Well, thats all the time I have now, I hope all of you have enjoyed this quick post, and there will be plenty of more "Ridix" coming your way my fellow friends~! oh yea, tomorrow is the Twilight concert and make sure to get there early and drink yo cerveza before you get to the show! Beer costs around 5 dollars which is totally Nazi status, so grab a fifth or a handle and sneak in a flask! should be a great concert. This is Mikey signing off, peceee~!!!!!!

Mikey and the Yeti.......

So me and mikey heard a rumor that there has been a yeti (or abominal snowman if you may) spotted in the Uinta mountains...... So we decided to go look for that bitch. We had been hiking for about two hours until mikey thought it would be a good idea to split up to cover more ground. I didnt think anything of it so i thought sure why not. Not too long after we split up I began to hear loud groaning almost orgasmic sounds coming from the distance. I decided to go check it out and as soon as I swooped around the corner I saw a nicely maintained wood cabin with very large doors. After entering the house I saw that mikey had already found the Yeti and was already pretty friendly with the big guy. I managed to snap a few picks before the Big Fella ran into the woods never to be seen again. well at least until someone comes back around to finish him off........

Yea, he was kinda enjoying it......

I guess he likes biting, who knew?

Gettin tired but he can work through it! shit hes Mizel!!!!

Yea it was a tough hairy road but he did his job like a champ, although he may have coughed up a few hairballs the next day..

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday's Mind with Mizel.

Hey you, yes you! So were watching watchmen, and im wishing i would've watched the whole thing straight without gapping a whole 30 minutes. Weekend went by way too fast, now the weeks going to go by so slow. It's always one or the other. I Still have a broken computer, and its been 4 weeks now. Today we went cliff jumping at Echo and I'm sure ....... whoaaaa ..... woaaaa...... somethin happened to my head just meow~ hah .. anyways im going to leave you at that and the next post will be updated soon. peace>

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sombrero Saturdays

MMEEEOOOWWW!!! Hey everybody out there its me Lucy (El Gato Con Sombrero) and I snuck into mikeys room and he left this thing up so I wanted to say MEOW! Oh and check this vid out, i made it the other day with my bitches, Right now mikey is doing some weird things right now, i cant really tell what but hes naked standing on his bed jumping and hitting his head on the ceiling over and over and over and oh wow...... hes ew............. oh he saw me bye ttyl MMMMMMEEEEEEOOOOOWWWWW...........

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Travs bus ride buddy...

Heres on more for ya! Trav and his dancer...... that is alll

Bendover with Travis......OH YES!!

Hey so check this, Josh and mikey here chillin on the couch watchin some star trek, yea the new shit. So we had quite a night lasnt night filled with roulette, blackjack, wins, losses, shots, beers, and a near forty year old wendover lesbian mommy stripper…. Ye awe will get back to that in a hot second….. so mikey here, so josh is leaking again from his head, dripping blood that is…… that’s not the only place he bleeds ….. hehehehehehehehehehe……

Our friend Trav surprisingly overdid himself by taking around 26 shots, which is five over his originally set goal, furthermore, Josh overdid himself and went over the edge by taking 30!,,, in YO MUTHA FUCKIN FACE!!!!!. anyway, here are some of the documented pictorials of our event from last night, ENJOY!!!
One down the hatch!
Mark nemero uno!
Yea dont know how I got that one, Came out o the bathroom and ma hand was bleedin!

Da clan marchin into the casino to begin the adventure.

Trav swigging out of his flask...... Aww he loves his friends ♥

Psh.... these guys

Yea, they wear there sunglasses at night! SO WHAT!

Antho went into the bathroom and came out with his pants unbuttoned and 31 dollars in chips in his hand.........

Yea thats the sauna they called the bathroom on the busride home.......

Sliz was not happy when he was rudely awakened by the sound of Antho ank Ryan on the love sac

Antho-"come sleep in my bed"
Kirk-"only if you let me choke you"
Antho-"your sleepin on the sac!"
No matter how drunk he is kirkadick is always prepared for the papparazzi.....
Good work Trav! should have stopped talking to dat stripper on the bus ride back and maybe victory would have been yours!
The birthday boy filling his late night drunchies need!
Oh no! bahahaha Happy Birthday Trav!

Worst week eva part deux.........nalgenes!!!!

Yo josh here, so I and the dudes went Frisbee golfin today and on the very first hole I got my disk stuck in a tree, ok no biggie. So I tell Antho "yo lemme get that nalgene so I can chuck it up in dat tree and get that disk back on my level" so Antho then magnificently lobs the nalgene in the general direction of my forehead...... I one hundred percent underestimate the weight of the nalgene and end up with this bad boy.......

After bending over to pick up my sunglasses that had fallen off my forehead I realized there was blood pretty heavily flowing out of my forehead. It was all good though, we just simply postponed the game until my head stopped flowing like the red sea. Play continued and in the end I mikey and Matty G. came out on top....
Yea nalgenes not only cause cancer they also cause fat ass gashes in your forehead if you can’t catch too good... FML...