Saturday, December 25, 2010


Starting out Strong with a cccclllllaaasssiiiikk photo of bents gettin' bent on his 21st.

We went to woodward to shred hard on this flat bar and flat ground. SUXED

Red was there painting the walls though so it made everything AY OKAY.

KEYSTONE is rad-tastic right now, if you haven't been you better get been'ed.

They even have some monstroupulous wedgers.

REX fell while getting inverted and got a pretty gnarly BOOBOO.


The Chrismas Extravaganza!

So first off Merry Christmas to all! Josh here hangin at Sunnyside and for those who dont know Utah has been getting shat upon by the snow gods. We have been riding a bunch and it has been off the ricter scale almost every day. Here are some pics from my phone for all of you who have been missing out....

This is Leah and she has a lil secret secret for cold hands while driving...socks!

The ultimate gangsta steeze

They kept her so warm in the car she brought em on to the hill, Fuk gloves get wit dat new hottness!

Moiks had a dingleberry hangin from his uni, he rode crosseyed all day....

Theres a new secret lift at the canyons that takes you to the floating mountains of Pandora, the Navi people got real pissed when we took their freshies....

Yea it was balls deep.

Moiks' head hurt real bad from riding crosseyed all day, Clowtz was pretty pumped though

Kanks said that was Will Smiths house behind us, Big Willy Style!

Kirk Looooves face shots, no homo, well maybe a litte homo....

Chris likes to eat sammiches while driving...

Kirk hates that shit, and driving in general.

This is Bill, he keeps an eye on the house while were gone and hes a beefcake, so dont try to steal nothin!

Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz in his element, actually everything is his element so its probably better you just dont mess with him

Hugo doin what he does, sprayin that white stuff

My cheeks hurt at the end of every day, twas siick!

We trecked on up to the Hogle Zoo and checked out the animals and a ton of lights! heres Kiki and Ken enjoying the lights.

They wouldnt let ken in the tiger cage and she was pissed! but at least they had this one they covered in bronze for her to play with, she said it wasnt as soft as the real thing :(

This guy at the top of I street always kills it! Santa doenst even have this many little helpers at the North Pole!

Well thats all I got for now. Check back soon for more holiday updates. Merry Christmas to all!

The Christmas Bill...

Helloooo all, and a very Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. Santa stopped by Sunnyside and hooked it up with a gopro so I whipped up this guy real quick to test it out. Heres the Bill enjoying what he loves the most, frolicking around like one of santas reindeer in a house full of Christmas!

The Christmas Bill from josh terrels on Vimeo.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Me, Kent, and Denim dan are getting down with the clown. the chicago clown. check it

what better way to start a trip than to roll to a spot with the man, the myth, the legend, Johnny Huege. meanest 5-0 this side of the mississip.

slc is bush league, chicagos got human beer and alcohol in their gas stations. ellz this is for you.

second spot of the trip.. wheres da MOIKES? come home moikes come home.

denim dan took hollywood for a ride. spread that christmas cheer!

denim dan dont play nice.

brandon saggy tits just started driving and is probably better than you on a snowboard. excuse my bad picture taking skills.

worlds biggest speed hump into a rail. speeds an issue in the IL flatlands.

man child paul buck provided some quality entertainment at this spot

another massive speed hump

Jessi Huege in a tree. i dont know why these are sideways or how to fix it so just tilt your comp or something.

denim dan puts 3 up for ditka and the minibears

hes looking at picture of iphones on his iphone thats how much he loves it

this guy. definitely a staple at any chicago hot dog joint.

I want that dog

da meat.. we got da polish to the north and da chicago dogs got her back. YUP.

Kelsey girl of the Kelsey Roadhouse. the decoration in this place is nuts.

kents 21 and getting down on that kelsey ale.. soo good!

Midwest bars dont have grody snack mix's, we got cheese.

home sweet home.

Everything here is next level. heres the 30 ft. wide 10 ft long showtime booter. think wood skate ramps from the 80s.. early grab the wu and jump to flat.

all up in that cat. this thing is a precision tuned top of the line machine.

OG matt bielski. this guy once slid a 666 ft. rail on rollerblades. youtube it.

told you this thing was top of the line.

More to come. maybe even a MOIKES sighting???

Monday, December 20, 2010

Festiv shit

Yo it's MOIKES ... i haven't touched this for quite sometime. But I'm back on it with some help from my dude jortz and other toots... anyways check out this section and holla back~!

This my boy brandon, its actually an alter-ego of my frend slizz ... he's all about mullets and jesus

Can you guess who this is ?

This is our boy Antho, before he was a puss and decided to move out of salt lake city ... hes getting his nipps eaten by our other friend chaka the monkey ..

my boy hollywood .... aka kenner at his prime .... he's all about the foreskin, keeps him warm he says.

One footers for days!! these stomp pads work wonders, you should go to milo and pick some up if you can. careful tho ...... it poke your eyes out !

Got the majority of bills sweater on, but couldnt get the arms ....

......But josh got dat shit on!

Chaka and I were on 4 souf ... when we ran into this crip ..

After the dangerous run in with the crip ... he decided to throw up christmas lights to calm shit down

Chaka made it out ...


Even got first chair ... very NOICE!!

Chaka on his free time ... putting on his costume for his vigilante missions

Chaka's new board for the year.....he's hoppin on the chopper..

Its DUMPING this week

WTF ....

KEN,,....shes Chakas n Jizz'S younger sister ... she kills it ... super dope chick. KENS n I worked on the Christmas tree yesterday ... and pretty much killed it ..

yea .....i kno ...super dope ...

If you ever get the chance to hitt up sunnyside .. make sure ya greet our penguin Jason out front ... he's the tits.