Wednesday, December 9, 2009

La Semana De Examenes de Finales

Hey there, or if there is anyone there who actually reads this blog. It's Mikey, I apologize for not really being up to date on the blog, I've been slacking hard. I'm sure your wondering what's new since the last post?.... well all the resorts have opened up, and we've all been getting our share of slashes here among the various resorts, Park City, The Canyons, as well as Brighton. As of late the majority of us have been neck deep with finals so its been a pretty rough week none the less. I've got three more exams to go till I'm relieved of this bondage we call school and I'll be right back on my board. I'm excited to go back home soon where I'll be seeing some old friends and the family. I've also finished up my internship at Celtek not too long ago so if anybody wants to employ me I'm game. I'm broke as joke but I've been saving up coins and I'm racked up at $12.57. So I'll be able to get by for my weekend beer supply along with the value menu. Welps I guess I'll post up a few pictures to make up for what I've missed.

This is my roommate Ahnuhl (previously known as Antho, but given, he deserves his new name). He's a great guy, except one thing, everything this kid owns from his car to whatever you find in his room is probably a picture perfect reflection of his personality. For those of you that do know him you'll understand what I mean....
.......and this is only one example of what I'm talking about, and mind you this is probably a single square feet of picture taken. He's a damm mess, just be on the lookout, there will be more of Ahnuls mess job in the coming weeks.
So this year for Thanksgiving a handful of us decided to stay here and spend the holiday over at the Terrels's cabin up in Park City. We topped our 16lb turkey with canadian bacon and sauced that bitch with maple syrup....god, talking about this just makes my stomach squirm, it pleads to go back in time and repeat that day of overindulgment (might I add, a word which I completely made-up).

.....and the finished product. well let your imagination follow the rest,....and yes it was like biting back into your most innocent-happiest child-hood memory, you can't beat that :)
..and of course, the ham topped with pineapples, mangoes, maple sugar, and again saucin tha bitch with maple syrup.... mid cook. another bangarang job by the team.
... so the day after we were fortunate enough to have the canyons open for the season, ahnuhl, ash, ali, josh, Mr. Da, Trav, Ben, and I trekked out and took some laps. Nothing but smiles~!
Hah, McLovin was in one of my classes. Didn't know he was taking Sports Econ up at the U. Smart fellah.
So....I guess I got this cover shot on the Salt Lake tribune not too long ago for Brighton opening day. I made it guys, finally got my first cover shot....thanks again SLC tribune.
Bills been on a binge. His drink of choice, not surprisingly is PBR along with the rest of the people in Salt Lake. He's not quite 21 yet but he does the whole underage drinking thing. Look, he even made his own pbr hat~!!!

And when your Bill and you've had one too many to drink, you pass out mid fist pump! but for cereal, he really did pass out like this.

Well, I'll try to be a bit more disciplined with updating this bustuh. Hopefully I can get a video up here sometime soon, if anyone wants to buy me a camera I'm more than willing to video blog so you all don't have to see snap shots of what's going on around sunnyside. Till then~toodles***

ps. special thanks to Drew Pappa T and Ben Chen for being the hostest with the mostest, always good times with them.